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3 weeks ago, had the tip of my left index finger go numb, change color and massive pain at night

Posted by wicked872

  went to the doctor, no blood circulation in the tip, my blood pressure was up some, they gave me pills to dialate the blood vessels, 4 days later no difference except the severe pain at night quit so they sent me to a vascular surgeon, he ran a loy of tests including a C T scan, went to see him again he showed me the test results not even any plaq in the arteries but he says something is blocking the vessels on both sides of my finger and that it appears that the smaller vessels are enlarging to pass more blood to the affected area, I have tried to tell them from the beginning that i think it has something to do with a pinched nerve cause if i push at the joint where my finger and hand connect i feel a slight pain, part of the color has returned partially to the side of the finger closest to the middle finger, if i touch the area where the finger is still dark it feels like i am touching an exposed nerve, I have heard of this happening to bowlers and a few other people from pinched nerves, I dont know if i trust the doctors anymore, i'll bet if i didnt have insurance they would have found something right away
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