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3 Super Easy Tips To Speed Up Weight Loss and Say Bye Belly Fat!

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:00pm

My new favorite magazine, “For Women First”, is always such a wealth of helpful and simple ways to do so many things and this latest bit of information on how to rev up your weight loss is no exception. I suppose that the two mini Snickers bars and diet Pepsi I just engulfed (yes before 7:00 a.m.) are going to have to go. Usually I am good and have fruit and green tea but remember that I am a wannabe health nut and we all have those days where the beloved chocolate and diet Pepsi vices are a must-we are all human after all. Hopefully these 3 little tips can help you out!

Eggs, eggs, and More Eggs For Breakfast –Women who eat two eggs each morning shed 65 percent more weight (and 83 percent more belly fat) than those who have a bagel of equal calories, according to a recent study. Eggs are chocked full of protein and stabilize blood sugar while increasing your metabolism by 25 percent for two hours and curb appetite to cut daily calorie intake. I despise eggs but have found if I cover them in hot sauce and cheese I can do it. I wonder if this counts? I think it should since it is all protein, right?

Vegetables At Every Meal -According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, adding veggies to every meal helps women to lose 25 percent more weight than reducing fat in their diet. Veggies have low calorie density so you eat more food but consume less calories and are still left feeling full and happy!

Psyllium Powder
-Okay so the name does not bring to mind an enticing treat in the least but the people at Yale University research say that by increasing your fiber intake by 5 grams a day (equivalent of ½ tbs of psyllium husk powder mixed into a glass of water or juice) can melt 13 pounds of belly fat yearly. This is apparently double what women lose when counting calories. Fiber has the ability to slow carb absorption and balance blood sugar. If you have a better source of fiber as some fruits and vegetables you could add more of those to your diet as well.
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