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2009 ASA Meeting – UPENN Department Of Anesthesiology And Critical Care Activities

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:04pm

Abcejo, Arney: Alterations in Glucocorticoid Receptor Isoforms in Sepsis (mentor Clifford Deutschman).  FAER Student Session


Arkoosh, Valerie: Neonatal Resuscitation. Refresher Course


Baranov, Dimitry:  2009 ASA Simulation Workshop – SNACC Simulation–Based Training in Critical Incident Management and Teamwork. Workshop


Cheung, Albert:  Advanced Transesophageal Echocardiography Workshop.  Workshop


Cheung, Albert: Blood Pressure and Antihypertensive Therapy Predict Outcomes in Acute Aortic Dissection (Co – authors: Kristin Brennan, Sandeep Aggarwal, Wilson Szeto, John Augoustides).  Research Poster


Cheung, Albert  Perioperative Renal Failure Predicts Outcome in Stanford Type A Aortic Dissection (Co – authors: Sandeep Aggarwal, John Augoustides, Wilson Szeto, Kristin Brennan). Research Poster


Cheung, Albert:  Resident Research Forum.  Oral Presentation


Cheung, Albert:  Ultrasound and Echocardiography in the ICU and Perioperative Settings. Workshop  


Deutschman, Clifford:  Perioperative Glycemic Control.  Panel


Deutschman, Clifford:  What Every Anesthesiologist Should Know About Sepsis; and Why. Refresher Course


Eckenhoff, Roderic:  Are You Overdosing Your Older Patients?  Panel


Eckenhoff, Roderic:  Using Autodock to Predict Binding Constant and Locate Binding Sites for General Anesthetics (Co-authors: Renyu Liu, Jin Xi).  Research Poster


Elkassabany, Nabil: Anesthesia for the Cocaine Abusing Patient, an Evidence-Based Approach.  PBLD


Ellis, John:  Biomarkers in Perioperative Medicine:  What Every Anesthesiologist Should Know.  Panel


Ellis, John:  Demographics and Cardiovascular Disease.  Panel


Ellis, John:  Myocardial Ischemia and Postoperative Monitoring.  Refresher Course  


Fleisher, Lee:  Guidelines – The Latest Updates and How They Impact Anesthesia Practice.  Panel


Fleisher, Lee:  Journal Symposium:  Biomarkers and Perioperative Outcomes. Oral Presentation


Fleisher, Lee:  Ninth Annual FAER Honorary Lecture:  Optimizing Perioperative Outcomes:  My Journey Into Risk, Preferences, Guidelines and Performance Measures.  Lecture


Fleisher, Lee:  Preoperative Assessment of the Patient With Cardiac Disease.  Refresher Course


Floyd, Thomas:  Aortic Stenosis Severity:  A Biomarker for Cerebral Atherosclerotic Disease?  Research Poster


Gaiser, Robert:  Post Dural Puncture Headache:  How to Keep It the Patient’s Headache.  Refresher Course


Gaiser, Robert:  Professionalism:  How Do We Know You’ve Earned It?  Oral Presentation


Gupta, Anita:  Patients Perception of Pain Care in Hospitals in the United States  (Co-authors: Sarah Daigle, Jeffery Mojica).  Research Oral Presentation


Kofke, W. Andrew :  2009 ASA Simulation Workshop –     SNACC Simulation – Based Training in Critical Incident Management and Teamwork.  Workshop


Kofke, Andrew W:  A Panel of Neuronal Proteins as CSF and Plasma Markers for Neurodegeneration in SAH (co-authors: Benjamin Scott, Joshua Levine, Michael Mullen, Robert Siman). Research Poster


Kofke, W. Andrew:  The Sick Patient in the “Outfield”: Anesthetic Problems Outside the Operating Suite. Panel


Kofke, W. Andrew:  What’s New in Managing the Neurologically Injured Patient?  Panel


Kohl, Benjamin:  Outcomes in Cardiac Anesthesia.  Panel


Kohl, Benjamin:  Perioperative Glycemic Control.  Panel


Kohl, Benjamin: Perioperative Implications of Anesthetic-Induced Inflammation.  Panel


Kohl, Benjamin:  The Sick Patient in the “Outfield”: Anesthetic Problems Outside the Operating Suite. Panel


Liu, Renyu:  Characterization of Direct Binding of Opioids to Human Serum Albumin (Co-authors: Renlong Zhou, Qingsheng Meng, Fang Xie, Roderic Eckenhoff).  Research Poster


Liu, Renyu:  Novel Structural Model of Human mu-Receptor and Its Interaction with Opioid Agonists and Antagonist (Co- authors: Jose Manuel Perez-Aguilar, Jeffery Saven).  Research Poster


Malenbaum, Joshua:  Modeling the Uncertainty of Anesthesia Start Times: Comparison of Lognormal    and Normal Modes.  Resident Research Forum


Mandel, Jeff:  Anesthesia for the Cath Lab. Anesthetic Problems Outside the Operating Suite.  Panel


Miltiades, Andrea:  Successful Airway Management of Ultra Obese Patients: A case series of patients BMI ≥ 70 kg/m2 or Wt > 200 kg (Mentor: Ashish Sinha).  FAER Student Session


Muravchick, Stanley:  Perioperative Outcomes Databases:  Worth the Effort?  Panel


Ochroch, Andrew:  Genetic Predictors of Increased Pain after Thoracotomy (Co – authors:  Anil Vachani, Saarene Panossian, Peter Kanetsky).  Research Poster


Ochroch, Andrew:  Small Volume Programs and Preoperative Pulmonary Function Testing.  Oral Presentation


Ochroch, Andrew:  The Non-Cardiac Surgery Patient With Cardiac Challenges.   Panel


Ochroch, Andrew: Thoracic Anesthesia – Patient for Pulmonary Sleeve Resection.  Oral Presentation


Roginski, Raymond:  GCOM1 Is a Hub Gene with Links to Neuroprotection, Cancer, CNS Diseases, NMDARs and Gene Regulation (Co-author: Phillip P. Santoiemma).  Research Poster


Sinha, Ashish:  FAER Poster Presentation (Co-authors: Andrea Miltiades, Shelley Wang). Research Poster  


Sinha, Ashish:  Medically Challenging Case (Co – presenter: Tom Scott). Oral Presentation


Strum, David P:  Detection of Cyclical Periodicities in Surgical Overtime Time Series

(Co-authors: Ian Moore, David Thomson).  Research Poster


Strum, David P:  Modeling the Uncertainty of Anesthesia Start Times:  Comparison of Lognormal and Normal Modes (Co-author: Joshua Malenbaum). Research Poster


Strum, David P:  Modeling the Uncertainty of Anesthesia End Times:  Comparison of Lognormal and Normal Modes (Co-author: Joshua Malenbaum).  Research Poster


Wang, Xueyuan S:  Neurodegenerative Changes in Transgenic Alzheimer Mice Exposed to Propofol (Co-investigator: Lisa Shaw) (Mentors: Roderic Eckenhoff, Maryellen Eckenhoff). FAER Student Session


Wei, Huafeng:  Isoflurane Activates Inositol 1,4,5 - Triphosphate Receptors (Co – authors: Yi Peng, King-Ho Cheung, Kevin Foskett, Jing Li).  Oral Research Presentation


Wei, Huafeng:  Your Next Patient Has a Neurologic Disease.  Panel


Weiss, Yoram:  Acid Base Biology.  Panel


Weiss, Yoram:  Basic Science Review:  Modulating Cell Death – the Future of Anesthesia and Critical Care?.  Refresher Course

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