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2 Great Arm Exercises

Posted Mar 29 2013 10:06pm

The focus of every guy that has ever lifted a dumbell off of the ground was to build bigger arms. I do not care what you say.  What are the exercises that work the best, what are the training strategies that are the most effective?  Let’s take a look at some of the exercises that many people overlook, but are great for training arms.  Using  interesting workouts  makes training more exciting.  

Of course the bicep curl is the king of all arm exercises.  It is effective for hitting the biceps directly.  There are other versions of the bicep exercise that can help you to effectively develop your upper arms.  Preacher curls are one of them.   I like to perform this curl variation with a set of dumbells, or a single dumbell rather than a barbell.  It allows you to focus on the bicep peak more.  You get a great muscle contraction.  Most gyms, and even health clubs have preacher benches available to use.  I like to use preacher curls as the 2nd exercise in my training if I am doing an arm session. One of the good things about this lft is that you can handle a pretty good  amount of weight, and single the bicep out directly.  These are good  tips for bigger arms .

Stability ball incline push ups are a great tricep exercise that you will not see many people doing, that is for sure. They focus almost directly on the triceps when you move your hands close together.  The closer, the better.   

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