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Posted Sep 17 2010 12:00am
I know that when I'm feeling glum I tend to notice my pain more and it sometimes appears to be something new.  but getting used to my odd bod means that I've realised its the pain that's always there, its just that I'm usually upbeat and merry and so I distract myself with happy thoughts and being around happy folk.

The thing is that I did have a bit of an issue with my temperature, which I measure twice a day and sometimes it was very much on the high side.  I did usual protocol: strip down and try to cool down, re test in an hour at that point I could then contact the transplant centre for advice or wait and retest again.  Luckily on the occasions it happened this week, I managed to control it. There were some very muggy days and it was pretty hard going with my breathing.  My walking was noticeably laboured, so much so, my neighbours offered to help me into my home a couple of times this week.  They are very kind and they are always concerned that I do too much. Bless them. I've been offered dinners, cups of tea....just so so sweet of them!!  I must invite them over when I figure how to make the perfect cup of tea with loose leaves (I've been practicing most of this week!)

Its National cupcake week so I have been busy today making some cakes in between glances at the TV when Corrie was on (not that I have a clue what's happening!!).  They look pretty cool albeit not quite enough sugar in the sponge.  Not a bad thing I suppose for me who really needs to monitor ones sugar and salt intake.

My Lidocaine pain patches have served me well this week, I have felt lesser pain mostly. Its not solving the pain problem completely but is very effective for me.  The only thing is I accidentally this week went to sleep with one on.  Then I did it again but I noticed something....that I was able to sleep throughout the night without disturbance and pain free unlike when I do not have it and its meerkat time!!  As long as it is only on for 12 hours and then 12 hours off I cannot see any literature or guidance suggesting that I cannot sleep with it.  I think I should speak with Prof when I go to Newcastle and get some advice regarding this.  So, it may be a choice of pain free days? Or, pain free nights?  Its a tough call!

This week my attention has turned towards promoting organ donation and I came up with a random eureka type idea. I've put it forward to NHSBT and will see  what they think.  Its concerning people registering on the organ donation list and making it even easier for some people than it currently can be.  I will keep you posted on any response I get.  I am not one to take 'no' so I will most probably have different angles and approaches I will try to sell the idea.  I would love to see it in action!!

I cannot express how good it feels to be part of the team at work.  Its exactly what I have been craving since my transplant journey began.  For the travel agency I ordered my new uniform the other day and it was so exciting.  The girls are amazing, many are my close friends for life and I am just a very lucky lady.

This week my dear friend E arranged my 30th birthday evening at Floridita where I went last year. It was a great night and I had a chance to wear an amazing tangerine/coral dress which has been my colour this summer.  My mum kindly attended to my hair, I put on a touch of makeup and plenty of...
(¯`♥´¯) .♥.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´♥
`*.¸.*´....Sparkly Fairy Dust ....
 It was amazing to be with my lovely friends and having some champagne (a sip in my case!) which was very nice.  I was then totally blown away by a very special gift from all my closest friends who secretly plotted and planned (in the sweetest way) to give me an amazing present that I would enjoy.  I must admit that I am one of the most difficult people to buy for as I am very fussy but, I was so overwhelmed by my friends' generosity as I ripped the wrapping to reveal a wonderful digital SLR camera.  Just perfect as I had an interview the following day for a photography course at a local studio and college.  I am just chuffed to pieces and want to thank again all my dear friends who have made my 30th very special despite there being a sad August with the loss of my nana.  I miss her terribly and I always will.  But this week I've made a super effort to carry her in my heart with joy and thankfulness for knowing such a special and beautiful person as opposed to feeling sad and heavy in my heart.  

L, B, Me and E at my 30th celebratons!
Not easy to do and so its no surprise really that I have been feeling a bit odd as I have been feeling so sad and upset.  Our bods are pretty clever and I suppose feeling overheated, dizzy, extremely tired are signals for me to think about how much mental stress can impact on the physical self.  There was a glimmer of sunshine this week and so I took myself up to the rooftop.  Whilst having a bit of a sunsesh (with my factor 50 of course!), I was able to reflect and think about getting back on track and looking after myself as my nana would have wanted. She was a strong advocate for eating and sleeping well, looking after the inside and the outside.  I plan to continue living using her ethos.
Time to get that much needed rest and sleep 

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