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Posted Oct 23 2008 1:21pm
What's up with this lawyer, Jimmy the Lawyer? I watch the television after work and I see at least one commercial every hour for this dirtball.

Every single time a study comes out that shows any type of adverse event for a medication, this scumbag files a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer. I saw one commercial where the law firm was so anxious to be the first to file suit that they misspelled Capoten on their commercial.

I can see it now..."Have you ever taken Amoxicillin? Erythematous maculopapular rashes, erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, and exfolative dermatitis are all known side-effects of this medication. If you have taken Amoxicillin and ever had a rash, call us now. You may be able to join in a class-action suit against BigDrugCo and receive a settlement. Heck, if your last name is Stevens or Johnson...or if your first name is Steve or John, give us a call. Don't miss out on your opportunity to cash in."

And you can bet the farm that every time they file a new suit, Joe Medicaid is going to stop by the pharmacy to see if he can join suit. And if he hasn't, he's going to run to the ER to see if he can get the med prescribed for him.

I agree that manufacturers should be held liable if they willingly withhold information and cause harm to the public, but it's ridiculous that these attorneys can file suit as soon as a manufacturer releases information from a post-approval drug study. You would think that the drug lobby would be able to get some tort reform passed at the national level, but apparently enough of the elected officials in Washington DC have benefitted from this type of law suit that they don't want to try to fix things.
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