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How to do more for families with autism than just being "aware" of it.

The idea of an Autism "Awareness" day is fraught with problems. It suggests that people aren't even aware that autism exists, It's a very scary...

Article: Detect and Deal with Anxiety (on Special-ism)

My latest article on Special-ism which went live about a week or two ago (I've been very busy, sorry) is all about Anxiety.   Following my...

Book Review: The Parent's Guide to the Medical World of Autism by Edward Aull, MD

The Parent's Guide to the Medical World of Autism: A Physician Explains Diagnosis, Medications and Treatments by Edward Aull, MD Behavioral...

Article: From Fish to Dogs – Selecting a Therapeutic Pet (at Special-ism)

When I was four, my parents got me a border collie cross something (Labrador, I think). It was an inspired decision. Spot became my "everywhere...

Aspergers and Bumping into Things.

I'm constantly bumping into things and I often have scrapes and bumps and bruises on my body but can't remember how they got there. It's the same...

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