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Gary S.

Owner of Assisted Living At Home offering creative solutions for seniors who need in-home care.
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When choosing an agency, select one with a proven record for...

Voted Best Home Care in South Jersey 2011

Voted best home care agency in South Jersey for 2011 by the C ourier Post and the Home Care Pulse

Music For Memory

Have you ever heard a song and suddenly had memories flood your mind of a certain time in your life? Did you ever wonder why you can barely...

Outwalking Alzheimer’s

Taking a regular, daily walk is good for physical health, and now it appears that it may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and...

Music & the Brain

Dr. Petr Janata, Neuroscientist, on Music and the Brain “This is a very exiting time to be working in the field of neuroscience and...

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