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Easter Floral Arrangements by VW Patient Expert I also put together these flowers in foam for the pulpit.  I'm not completely pleased with how they look - it seems ... Read on »
What I do when I'm having a Blue Day . . . by Rosa V. Patient Expert I'm having a bit of a blue day today. Not too surprising all things considered. Last week was filled with this, that and the next thing and I was anticipating the Welling ... Read on »
orchard meadow by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert We hope that we will be able to create up to 2 acres of beautiful wild flower meadows here at Cordwood. plantain and cowslips When we arrived, our 'orc ... Read on »
What's in the Garden by Zach D. Hey kids, boy the weather has been nice here. So warm and sunny that put some of my tropicals outside for the day soak up the rays. I need to give you guys an update o ... Read on »
Why I'm Weird and You should be Too. (The making and Inspiration of a Spring Nest) by Rosa V. Patient Expert I was chatting with one of the younger girls on my bus the other day, about being weird. She commented that someone she knew was 'weird'. I laughed and said we were all we ... Read on »
Seeds this Spring - Radishes by Zach D. Okay Kids, lets talk about some radishes, some like them plain, some like them with a lil salt, I like mine right out of the garden with a little bit of dirt still on ... Read on »
those good girls by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert What an odd little boy I must have been. One of those quirky children in the class. 'Bless him, he's a real funnyossity'. Hoy: legbar hybrid Had this ... Read on »
woodland garden 2014 - phase 2 finished by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert There's nothing more satisfying for the compulsive list maker than to cross something off. entrance with beech hedge invisible! make cup of tea compl ... Read on »
Seeds this Spring - Beets by Zach D. Okay, so its spring and we are all getting ready for what we will be doing in the garden. This means that we are all getting our seeds. I know that I am. I ended up buying ... Read on »