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Creating Gingerbread Houses and a Contest by Rosa V. Patient Expert For longer than I can remember, I've made gingerbread houses with my kids. When we were young, my siblings and I would visit my dad in the bakery while he was making gingerb ... Read on »
concrete progress by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert Last week was the end of a hectic week that saw all kerb edging concreted in. A great team effort! But not without its wobbles.  the final kerb e ... Read on »
This vase was created in ... by VW Patient Expert This vase was created in September during the second flush of bloom for my delphiniums and daisies.  The delphs, unhappy in part shade, flopped over and were begging to ... Read on »
drive: edging forward by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert Day three of our drive project completed. Mum and dad make royal visit to point at Jill And on target. By now expected to ache, be irritable and ... Read on »
The new drive work begins: and they're off!! by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert And they're off!! Dave on digger with drive extending into the distance. Work on our drive began this morning. Last weekend we'd set out t ... Read on »
A Year for Planting Allium Bulbs by VW Patient Expert You have to look closely to see all the alliums in this photo, but next spring there will be more of them since they retu ... Read on »
Morgan and Kim's Wedding by Rosa V. Patient Expert It's been nearly a month since the wedding, and long past time to share Morgan and Kim's special day. It's an odd thing. I hadn't really realized just how emotional the d ... Read on »
the grand entrance... by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert Each visitor to Cordwood has to heave open the ugly rusting, metal gate, avoiding its malevolent barbed wire topping and then heave the gate back closed again after they h ... Read on »
Annual Gardens at Temple in July 2014 by VW Patient Expert It is especially nice to dig out summer photos in December when the temperature is down in the teens and the sky is grey.  ... Read on »
phoebe's border by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert That's it. Phoebe's border is ready for plants. log wall with recycled plastic drain pipes for decoration! We've dug over and then added more soi ... Read on »