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a helping hand for hedgehogs by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert We are developing lovely gardens here at Cordwood. And all lovely gardens have lovely plants. But, I am going to suggest that there's something just as important in any go ... Read on »
Spring Green: Allium Rosettes by VW Patient Expert Rosettes of globe allium leaves are brightening the garden despite regular frosts at night.  Above are 'Ambassador' leaves, which have a nice structural form.  These w ... Read on »
Lenten Roses by Troy Marden I have posted several times in the past about the "roses" of winter--Lenten rose, Christmas rose and their kin--none of which are roses at all, or even closely related. That ... Read on »
simple spring flowers to help insects by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert The flush of snowdrop flowers (gallanthus nivalis) has finished in the Woodland Garden. But they have been succeeded by a wide range of exceptionally beautiful simple, ins ... Read on »
Fairytale Friday. 'Fiona and the Snails' by Rosa V. Patient Expert You would not believe the trouble Fiona Fairy got into last week!  She snuck up into the attic while her mother was out choosing the prettiest pansy petals for Fiona's summe ... Read on »
Plenty of Purple Croci by VW Patient Expert These 'Grande Maitre' Crocus blooms look more purple or violet depending on the lighting.  After several years of multiplying, plus a few more planted here and there ... Read on »
Brad and Amanda. An engagement Session by Rosa V. Patient Expert "Excuse me . . ." I turned around and looked at the woman. "Are you a professional photographer? Is this an engagement session?" "Yes I am and it is." I smiled. ... Read on »
Buttermilk Moss Milkshake Update by VW Patient Expert Unlike me, moss has no problem with winter cold.  The moss I spread around our flagstone pathway a year and a half ago has continued to fill in during this winter, starting ... Read on »
Spring Planning by Gloria Bonde Hi Everyone - It has been a long time since I blogged. The year was so busy and the garden was beautiful and a breath of fresh air and calm.   I did make garden changes. T ... Read on »
Ice Weed by Bob Pool Patient Expert I was beginning to think it wasn't going to get cold enough for the ice weed to "bloom". It is a great addition to the garden. Even though it's real blooms are not all ... Read on »