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Daylily Season by VW Patient Expert Here is 'Sue Rothbauer,' which has excellent deep rose coloring.  All of the colors in these photos came out a litt ... Read on »
Morgan and Kim's Engagement Session by Rosa V. Patient Expert A while back, Morgan asked if I would take some engagement pictures for he and Kim. I was honored. After all, how often do you get the opportunity to do something that sp ... Read on »
Kohlrabi by Zach D. Hi kids, each year I feel like I grow the same vegetables over and over again, although they may be new variations of them, they are still the same thing. I wanted to ... Read on »
A Life of Whimsey Just got a Makeover! by Rosa V. Patient Expert This had been in the works for quite some time. I was never really happy with my last makeover and my efforts to fix things didn't work at all. Truthfully, weirdly, it ... Read on »
Canna 'Musafolia' by Zach D. One of the things that I love most about my blog is that I'm able to look back from year-to-year and look at the things that succeeded and maybe some other things that ... Read on »
rope me on for the extreme weeding challenge by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert Nottingham's Trent Bridge is hosting the test match against India at the moment. The English fielders and bowlers have been toiling in the heat of the sun for two days. ... Read on »
July Vase of Roses, Hydrangea and Mint by VW Patient Expert This is a recent vase with the last of my roses before most of the shrubs take a break from blooming. I included creamy 'Crocus Rose,' which blends nicely with ma ... Read on »
I like my lawn to buzz..... by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert Tony thinks I'm cracked. 'Look at it' he exclaims, looking across the lawn '... it's full of clover'. Spot on there pal. Job done. I know that most people will ch ... Read on »