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Yellow Leaves on Potatoes

Posted Jul 01 2012 3:32pm 1 Comment

Gill has contacted TopVeg about yellow leaves on her friend’s potatoes:

Dear Mike Topveg man,

My friend has some potatoes in a pot that are going yellow and look unhappy and she’s not sure why…can you help?

Yellow leaves on potatoes


Here is a closer up picture. They are in pots and it seems to be the leaves nearest the sides which are yellow.




TopVeg replied:  Yellow leaves could result from several problems.

  • Water-logging causes yellow leaves – Do the pots have drainage holes in the bottom? The pots must be able to drain.
  • Poor nutrition also leads to yellow leaves.  Is the soil in the pots good quality?  Has any fertiliser been given to the plants?  There is a lot of foliage in the photos and that will need feeding.

We are waiting for further information from Gill, so that we can have more idea about the reasons for the yellow leaves on the potatoes.

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I hope not to have this problem someday! 
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