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Why Purple Flowering Broccoli does not have Broccoli

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:03am

A common question is ” Why does my Purple Flowering Broccoli not have any Broccoli heads.” The answer is that there are two sorts of broccoli:
  • Sprouting - white or purple sprouting broccoli


  • Calabrese - a green sprouting broccoli which may have a single, large head.

The sprouting broccoli produces heads just after Christmas, but calabrese produces a crop in early autumn.

Charity has just posted a comment:

plz help my purple flowering broccoli doesnt have any broccoli can you tell me why ???

i have plenty of leaves but no florettes of broccoli

plz e-mail me with a reply

TopVeg replied:

Hi Charity

Good things come to those who wait!

Purple sprouting broccoli will be ready from January to April.

Calabrese, the green sprouting broccoli common in the shops, produces spears before the onset of winter.

I think you may have the purple sprouting, which is so special because it is ready when there is not much else in the garden. On top of that the flavour is divine!

Hope that helps


The answer to the question ” Why Purple Flowering Broccoli does not have Broccoli” is that it will have broccoli after Christmas!

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