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When are radish ready?

Posted Jul 07 2010 12:55am

When are radish ready to harvest?  It really depends on:

  • how you like your radish
  • what variety you are growing

We prefer to eat the variety ‘french breakfast’ when it is small.  If it grows as big as the one in the picture it becomes fibrous and bits often go hard.  This variety tends to become mis-shapen as it gets too big.



Vienna , however, is a larger variety.  The radish in the photo are really the size of golf balls!  They are a perfect shape and colour and have no blenishes.  They are delicious to eat, quite mild in flavour but crisp and crunchy.



Radishes are at their best when grown quickly.

If you are unsure about when radishes are ready, pull one and try it – if it suits you, it is ready!

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