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Posted Sep 03 2009 12:00am
a corner of the garden
a corner of the garden

My name is Gloria Bonde, I am a gardener, I volunteer with the SD Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardeners.  I live in beautiful Hot Springs, South Dakota, zone 4 or 4b depending on where you are standing.  This blog is about gardening and being healthy, and eating from the garden. I also work from home.  The need to work from home came about because I was not always very healthy. For 30 years  I had migraine headaches, allergies  and my cholesterol also was nothing to brag  about.  Four and a half years ago I made some ‘tweaks” in my environment and added a few supplements.  Happily I can report that it has been almost 4 1/2 years since I have had a migraine, and my cholesterol is 170 which is something to brag about if we were bragging.    So, I am living healthy and gardening and I wish this for you.  Just having a garden whether large or small is a true pleasure.   So I hope we can cook and garden and learn by “trowel and error”

gloria and grapes 09 September  2, 2009 –  GRAPES – Yesterday we picked grapes.  I think we have harvested so far about 80 pounds.  I gave half of them away to friends who loves wine.  Ted, my husband, and builder of all structures in the garden and I  also started a batch of wine.  We also froze juice for making jam and pancake syrup later when the garden is sleeping.  I am also starting something new.  WILD GRAPE STARTER for SOUR DOUGH BREAD.  I got the recipe from:    You pick grapes and let them set for a few days then add flour.  I’m just at the part where I mix in the flour and I am looking forward to making the bread – I’ll let you know. 


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