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Water usage

Posted May 12 2009 6:10pm
Man, I'm mad at Lance Armstrong. I saw on the news tonight that his water usage at his house is around 330,000 gallons a month, and he's not even home most of the time. After reporting that, the talking heads stated that they would have water saving tips for all us schmucks because we are in drought conditions. Oh yeah, we need to save so that Ol Lance can squander it on I have no idea what. It was already reported once that he was the biggest water user and he hasn't even tried to cut down. Years ago when it was reported that ex Austin mayor Roy Butler was the biggest user, he cut down a bunch on usage. Lance's usage has gone up since the last time. How arrogant can you be. And this was after he nearly destroyed a creek and land mark swimming hole. If I lived in Austin I would have to call my councilman to complain.

When we lived in Liberty Hill and got a water bill, our highest bill showed water usage of 3600 gallons, barely over 1/100th of his water usage. We had gardens there as well as a lawn. We also had milk goats, chickens, and pigs. Maybe I'm just mad about him dumping Sheryl Crowe, even after she watched his kids during his races. But I don't think so. I must ask, how can he use as much water as I used in a month, in 8 hours?
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