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Walking on Wet Soil Ruins Soil Structure

Posted Oct 25 2009 11:00pm


Do not walk on wet soil because it will ruin soil structure.

TV programs are demonstrating how to harvest leeks by walking on the wet soil before pulling the leek.

Treading on wet soil has devastating, long-lasting effects on the structure of the soil:

* the soil will be compacted
* crumb structure will be lost
* rain water will collect on the surface as it cannot drain away
* air will be squeezed out of the soil, thus reducing the number of micro-organisms in the soil

Do not walk on wet soil -

* make a platform to stand on



* place a plank on the soil, which will spread the weight, and lower the pressure per square unit (an elephant has less pressure per square unit than a lady on a stilleto heel.)
* have narrow beds which can be harvested from the path.

This book has tips for gardening on clay soil:

Remember that when you see a celebrity gardener on TV with muddy boots or hands, that they have been abusing their soil, and it is better not to follow their example. Wet soil should be left to dry before it is worked or walked on, because walking on wet soil ruins the structure.

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