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Vegetable Planting dates

Posted Feb 21 2010 10:31pm

Each vegetable has an ideal time for planting .

  • It’s biological clock will encourage it to germinate at this time.
  • The temperature of the soil will also have an affect. If it is an early spring, and the soil has warmed up, planting can be earlier than normal.
  • The dampness of the soil is important. If it is very wet, the soil will tend to glue together when the seeds are planted. The air will be squeezed out of the soil & the seed will be unhappy.  Wet soil is also colder.
  • The planting location should be considered. A windy spot will be colder, and therefore later. A protected walled garden will be warmer, so sowing can be earlier.
  • Frost pockets should be considered.

Click the image below to see a chart of vegetable planting dates, which shows planting dates
& weeks between sowing & harvest.



Contact us if you would like a pdf of the vegetable planting dates chart.

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