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Vegetable Gardening Combats Childhood Obesity

Posted Jan 31 2008 11:52am 3 Comments

plantfamilyAustralians are combating childhood obesity by integrating organic gardening, food preparation and healthy eating into the school curriculum. The initiative stems from
the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

This initiative aims to educate children on healthy eating habits, and it does so without directly naming and shaming students who may be overweight. More information can be found on the foundation’s website.

- TopVeg

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It's also a great way to get your child to eat vegetables. They are much more likely to eat something they helped grow with their own two hands than they are to eat something that they had not part in nurturing.
That is such a good idea. Perhaps if schools here (Ontario, Canada) would've done that, more of us would know how to plant and upkeep a garden. Though many of our parents were efficient gardeners, not all of them passed on the knowledge. Such a great idea! If you teach a man to fish, after all...

Hi Teresa & Mary

You are so right! We must go back to basics and start by growing a few veg in a small plot or pot. If we just plant a couple of our favourite seeds and really nurture them, it will not take much time up, & also remind us that it is not difficult - just very straightforward! Like feeding a baby - give them food and water - make them comfortable & away they go!!

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