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Time to Plant Tom Thumb Lettuce Now.

Posted Jan 31 2008 11:48am 2 Comments

lettuce-butterheadNow is the time to plant Tom Thumb Lettuce seed on the kitchen window sill for an early homegrown lettuce from the vegetable garden.

As soon as it comes up transfer the lettuce to a frost-free unheated greenhouse, or a very light patch under glass. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, thin out gradually, but keep them about 15cm (6in) apart.

Tom Thumb is the smallest lettuce.

  • compact, solid butterhead type
  • delicious
  • soft leaves
  • very fast growing

This lettuce will be ready to harvest about 65 days after sowing.

To test if it is ready to harvest, press the head gently with the back of the hand, it is ready if it feels solid and barely yields to pressure.

Click the link for a how to grow lettuce grow card reference.

- TopVeg

Comments (2)
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What area do you live in? Where I am we get hard frosts and sometimes snow as late as April. I love the idea of having fresh lettuce a little early but I don't want to freeze it.

Hi Mary

We are in the UK where we are having relatively mild winters. Growing the lettuce in a cold greenhouse or under plasic cloches in the garden keeps the frost off! Nothing like the first fresh lettuce of the season!

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