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Thorn prick and extreme swelling.

Posted by dolldagga

I was in the garden on Saturday, pruning berry brambles. I was pulling the blackberry canes that had taken root, when I got a pain in my hand. I looked down and noticed a large thorn (probably gooseberry) had penetrated the skin between the knuckles of my first and second fingers. It didn't seem to be lodged very deep, but it did hold on through the strain of pulling that blackberry vine out. It didn't bother me until that evening when the hand began to swell. It is currently quite swollen, painful, and I cannot fully open or close the hand. The swelling is directly between the two knuckles, and I can very much feel the pressure on the joints. I also have two spots on the other hand that look like little thorn pricks and are a bit pussy and angry looking. No swelling there, though. Perhaps due to the lack of muscle strain when those thorns scratched me? I tried an epsom salt soak, and also Prid drawing salve to make sure there was no thorn remnant. I took anti-inflammatories for the pain, but none of that worked. Is there something else I should try?
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