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Queen Victoria Rose, Growing Quince and Making Marmalade

Posted Nov 27 2009 12:00am

Queen Victoria Rose -Hybrid Perpetual from France 1840 bred by Jean Laffy, zone 6b to 9b


I was looking in my files for a good picture of my Quince tree (Cydonia Oblonga) not to be confused with Flowering Quince (chaenomoles spp).  Not finding one, and without logic, I chose this picture of Queen Victoria Rose. This rose sits across the pathway from the Quince.  It is a beauty.  A hybrid perpetual from 1840, it re-blooms and is fragrant.  I have over 50 roses in my garden. I never spray and rarely have a problem. Our area is pretty low in humidity so black spot is not a problem.  In the spring I work into their soil a bit of banana peels, alfalfa pellets and compost.  My biggest challenge is that the deer love the roses that are in the open front yard.  My solution is that I am removing the most “tasty” varieties.

Now about the Quince – I have a Quince tree.  And unlike the Quince trees that I grew up with, this tree is a bit of a wussy.  But, I love quince! So, every year, I experiment with this tree.  The fruit are attacked by the same insects or diseases that affect apples.  Plus, we get at least one good hail that regularly knocks the fruit off.  This year, I covered one of the fruit with a tiny paper sack, tying it carefully with a wire tie.  The fruit was pristine! So next year, I plan to tie little paper sacks on all the fruit.   A funny looking tree you think?  Yes, but the most fruit it has ever had is 12, and it is tucked into a fairly hidden southwest corner by the house.

 This year a friend gave me a sack full of quince.  I was able to make a quince lemon marmalade. I got the recipe from Cooking Light .  Delicious!  It takes, quince, lemon and sugar and water.  Since I had about 8 lbs of quince. I made enough to ”put up”.  I had already peeled most of the fruit, when I thought that this would be a good subject for a post – so here are 3  quince.


canned quince


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