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Planting in somewhat shady areas

Posted by Kristen D.

I am just beginning to plant things in pots, and have had some luck with things starting to grow (mostly geraniums and bachelor's buttons). Can't wait to see when they are in full bloom.

The only thing is that the area where I can keep my plants is somewhat shady. If I move them onto my patio, they're at the mercy of small creatures that tend to run around our yard (squirrels, opossums).

I can see my current plants leaning toward where the sun shines. Any suggestions to help them grow better?

Also, are there plants that grow better in shade? Which?

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Well, Kristen, I live in shade is welcomed here.  But are you wanting flowering plants?  And is the sun that the plants get, dappled sunlight or full sun?? 

As far as planting or even starting a pot...your soil is THE most important...always use a mixture of good potting soil, peat moss, Perlite, and a good compost---such as mushroom compost...(rabbit manure is excellent---but takes VERY little). Then feed with 'fish emulsion' diluted with water about every 2 weeks. 

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