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Planting Broad Bean Express Seed

Posted Feb 26 2008 5:36pm

The broad bean variety, Express, was planted in the vegetable garden today.

Broad Bean Sowing:

  • depth of seed 50mm
  • distance between seeds 20cm
  • distance between rows 50cm

The beans have been given plenty of space because the TopVeg garden is very fertile. If the seeds were planted closer, they would be competing for light and nutrients, and the seedlings would be weak and straggly.

TopVeg soil is also very heavy. When planting very early into cold soils, there is a risk of the seed rotting off. So we place a little peat around the seed, to provide a kinder environment.


The broad bean rows have been covered with a cloche, to provide a warmer temperature.

Express is:

  • the fastest maturing variety of any broad bean
  • high yielding
  • has up to 34 good pods per plant
  • winter hardy
  • good for deep freeze as it does not discolour
  • particularly tender with good flavour

Planting different varieties allows a spread of harvest. This planting of the broad bean variety, Express, will be the first of several varieties of broad beans to go into the vegetable garden.

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