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Philippine lawn grass seeding

Posted Oct 18 2009 10:04pm
Our lawn leaves much to be desired - initially it was laid down with 'Pearl grass', which was a bad idea; it did not survive well in the sun, and grew too slowly to recover from any setbacks. Eventually, the whole lawn became a vast sea of weeds.

So, we've laid down patches of Philippine lawn grass - it grows quite fast, is hardy, and looks quite OK.
zoysia matrella malaysia

It's done all right, spreading slowly. And now it is seeding
zoysia matrella malaysia
zoysia matrella malaysia
At least I hope it is! I've been wringing my brain trying to work out whether these things are weeds or the good stuff. Initially I was pulling up this whenever it was growing to seed, but I recently remembered this diagram a reader had pointed out to me (picture from Aggie Horticulture )
zoysia matrella
and it seems like it I should be letting it grow. This is the full plant with seeds - the leaves look similar, but it seems to grow straight out of the ground without being part of the stolons.
zoysia matrella malaysia

Can anyone confirm for me? Should I be weeding or nurturing? Laying on a little vermicompost or something? :)
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