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Our Garden in The Garden Tour with Art and Quilts

Posted Jun 28 2010 7:41pm
The garden tour was a success! Local Master Gardeners arranged to have 5 local gardens toured and mine was one of them. Each garden also had a display of beautiful quilts and an artist with a display of some of their art. Gloria Aspinall had a display of some of her beautiful pictures. She purposely coordinated her art with each garden scene.  And, it worked out that the quilts also were chosen to go with the garden. Everything looked beautiful. 
I have this little gate that we use mainly to discourage the deer from walking up the steps then down the steps. No lie! This little bit of gate is enough to spook town deer.
By my Pink and Yellow little garden house is this wall. How clever to place a quilt there. I use all these rakes. The middle one was my dad’s.
You are looking into the garden from the canvas covered carport. For the garden tour we parked the cars along the side of the house and set chairs in this area. I made cookies, coffee and some of my special sweet bread rolls.  Our guest relaxed and stayed a bit to visit.  As the local newspapers used to say: “A good time was had by all”. Our yard used to be open. To protect the garden from deer in a space saving way, Ted hung a cattle panel. I have a couple of Earth Boxes planted with woodbine. It survives winter right where it is .  The juniper tree is also one of many trees that the birds plant and I pot up.  Notice Gloria Aspinall’s display of small paintings. She also had a few bigger pieces.
Rose William Baffin arches high over the garden gate.  The tree in front is a quince.  I have found that the best way for us to be able to pick nice, clean fruit is by paper bagging each fruit. There are 6 fruit. But as big as quince get that is ok. The bags protect the fruit from hail and insects. They ripen just fine under the bag. Notice the painting.

Notice how Gloria chose a painting with bright pink to match the water Lilly.  The hail really did temporary damage on the water lillies.
The festivities did not stop the robin from his personal grooming
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