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Organic Gardening

Posted by Teresa J.

I was speaking with the local librarian in my town and she is very passionate about eating locally grown vegetables/foods. She became quite heated about the fact that it is hard to find the kind of produce she requires at the grocery store. After that encounter and after having read some of the discussions on this site, I decided that it is time to learn more about organic food, especially growing your own, so let's talk about how to "Grow a Garden."

All big changes start out small!

I'd be interested to read some of your thoughts on the subject, organic lovers of Wellsphere!

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My speciality within locally-grown-food is "EAT THEM ALL"!!!

but looking forward to learn how to grow a garden =D hehe

Well, let's get started with the basics. Organic gardening is natural gardening that is free of chemicals. I would assume most people's home gardens are organic, as most of the people in my area compost for their gardens (our house came equipped with a compost container) and use small tin containers stuck to sticks on strings to keep animals out of their little patches. I've also seen many-a-person out removing weeds by hand instead of spraying with a chemical to keep weeds at bay.

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