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Posted Jan 22 2009 6:27pm

I've had my sweet little garden every-which-a-way. As we say down South when someone marries and divorces numerous times " they're practicing 'til they get it right." I once turned the entire back yard into a vegetable garden with brick paths separating the beds of vegetables and herbs. Holding a full-time job and tending that garden wore me out. But, my hubby loved it because he could pick some fresh leaf lettuce and make a Korean-style sandwich for lunch.

Having decided on a patio garden , the placement of the path was of utmost importance and it changed the entire look of my garden by adding an air of mystery and depth . Planting shrubs near the entrance of the path obscured the view of what was just beyond and not being able to see everything at once was key to my landscape design. I was happy at last.

About that time the Chicago Tribune started running a " Glorious Gardens " contest and the competition was very keen indeed. The first section I turn to every Sunday without fail is HOME AND GARDEN and to my great surprise that September Sunday the contest winners and photos of their garden in living color were splashed across the first page. I didn't see it at first but then...gulp. There was my little garden being given THE GARDEN AS CANVAS AWARD for garden artistry ! Well, of course I went out and purchased a lot of Tribunes.

My garden at that time, eight years ago, was brand new. The white flowering tree near the statue is a dogwood which since passed on and was replaced by an Asian pear. The white flowering shrub in the foreground is a very young Viburnum Plicatum ' Mariesii. '


Everyone and their uncle reads the Home and Garden Section so I started getting calls and requests for advice from friends, family and neighbors. I was at the point in my life when I was ready to leave my day job and pursue my two passions : Gardening and Art. I never go halfway on anything so I started both careers at the same time -garden design in the summer and painting in the winter. I've been very fortunate with both but the main thing is that I enjoy doing it .

Sometimes all one needs on the path of life is a little inspiration to help them along on their journey.
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