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My Garden In The Wall Street Journal, August Zone 4 Flowers

Posted Aug 21 2010 5:00am
On Monday I received a comment from Tatyana author of the lovely blog, My Secret Garden, who saw my name and a picture of my xeric front garden in the Wall Street Journal. My garden was included in the article written by Anne-Marie Chaker, Gardening Without a Sprinkler ,  Wall Street Journal  August 18, 2010.  How  fun! The picture that was used is from my post on July Garden Front Xeric Flowers .

I took this picture about 10 days ago. The William Baffin Rose is still blooming.  Golden Glow, Rudbeckia laciniata ‘Hortensia’, an old fashioned perennial that grow 4 to 5 feet tall, is held upright in between the rose and the lamp post.
Over the summer I’ve captured the changes of the front xeric garden. This one is from today. Notice the Russian Sage and the….
Self-sown Eurphorbia marginata ‘kilimanjaro’ also know around here as Snow on the Mountain. Years ago I planted these from seeds and every year they self-sow where they choose. I like the bright whiteness that they add to the garden.  Euphorbias have a white latex like fluid when cut. A few years ago I was yanking them out by the handfuls and a bit of the liquid splashed into my eye. It burned!  My eye turned red. I was happy to be able to get in right away with our local eye doctor.  It was just irritated.  Now, I am more careful about handling them.
August brought lots of Echinops and Monarch Butterflies.  What lovely polka dots. See the proboscis. It works like a straw. I took many butterfly pictures. They let me get so close!  No spider pictures in this post.

I found this little guy, a baby turtledove resting on a trumpet vine. At first I stood back, but after a bit I got quite close. He did not seem to mind.  While I worked in the garden he spent a few more hours in the vine.  Finally I heard his parents cu-cu-roo and then he was gone.  I imagine they nested in the area and have become used to me.  I hear them every morning.
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