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My Favourite Plant/Flower

Posted by Teresa J.

My favourite plant/flower is the Hydrangea. I have a large one in the back yard and another in the front garden. The one in the front is supposed to be blue but I don't think the soil is acidic enough, so it tends to turn a purplish colour.

My second fave is the calla lily. My bridesmaids and I carried them in my wedding. They only had one each, though, because they're expensive here.

I'm curious. What is your favourite?

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My favorites vary a bit, but I loooove roses. I'm picky about what I grow, though, because I don't spray my garden and I don't like fussy roses LOL.  So, that leaves pretty much floribunda and climbers in my garden.
I love calla lillies and roses are alway so beauitufl. My favorite flower is the orchid particularly the moth orchid which is easy to grow and flowers from January to May.
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