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Leek rust

Posted Feb 23 2009 9:30pm

Leek rust (/Puccinia porri, or Puccinia allii/) is uncommon, but a
severe attack will ruin the crop. Mild symptoms do not render the crop
inedible. Leek rust is different from the rust that infects chives and

Appearance of leek rust:

* orange spots & blotches appear on the surface of the leaf

Causes of leek rust:

* crowded plants
* high humidity
* excessive soil nitrogen
* insufficient soil potassium
* poor garden hygiene - all plant debris must be removed from the
beds so that the fungus has nowhere to hide.

Treatment of leek rust

* remove and burn diseased leaves
* there is no chemical treatment available to use in the kitchen garden

Prevention of leek rust
* do not plant the leeks too close
* rotate crops - do not grow leeks where leeks & onions were grown
the previous year
* apply a potassium rich fertiliser (such as tomato feed)
* grow disease resistant varieties
* practise good garden hygiene, and keep the vegetable garden tidy

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