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Lebron: the heat are not afraid of insider teams bosh: we are not "soft"

Posted Mar 02 2013 2:09am
The heat is against the grizzlies, this is a team with strong offensive strength of the team, the Miami heat will face another challenge. And it is known to all, it is the heat inside the weakness. "No matter how good a team, people always said some of their weaknesses," lebron said, "like the 90 s bull, they also say the we Cheap Kobe 8 said the same thing, they all say want to beat the bulls will beat them in the paint, but no team in the paint blow them." The heat have won 12 consecutive games recently, during which they beat the lakers, the clippers, Portland, bulls, these teams are regarded as inside strong against the Miami heat, at least in when they have offensive advantage. "Everyone thinks can in this respect beat us, with the big player can try to beat us, we can win," James said. "I don't know if this is the so-called beat us the answers, but we will be ready, no matter what the opponent arrangement plan for us, and we will be ready." "They will continue to fight you, constantly impact," heat coach, handsome said, "they have head, this is the first, and then the second point, they have technology. They not only with the body to play you, pau gasol and lando husband are very much of technology, they are all very good passer, in recent years, grizzly bear also established good chemical reaction, they are very special Kobe 8 Shoes team." The heat this season has and the Memphis grizzlies, but it was 11 months, said things, handsome tomorrow the game can check the heat is improved than before. "This is a great test, we in the beginning will meet them to our challenges, so we will find a solution," said, handsome. "I understand the outside world may be we will have a point, total feel we compare" soft ", "bosh said," we always say we must adhere to don't let them to rebound. "but it is always easier than, but this is also the same for the opponent, should be in the defensive end beat us is easily said but very hard to do." "We know that if the grizzlies in rebounds by the detonation of words, we can't beat them," wade said. "if we are not in the defensive end help each other words, we can't win like a grizzly bear such a team, we can't let his post player and they post player one by one, we must play team defense." The Los Angeles lakers returned to staples, at home against the Minnesota timberwolves, finally the lakers to a 116-94 victory over the timberwolves. The whole game, kobe Bryant off (33 points, and antawn jamison added 17 points and the Los Angeles Kobe 8 Christmas lakers an continuous 21st beat wolves, and at the same time the lakers into 29-30 negative. Recent 17 games, the lakers have won 12 games. "When you look in the west, we have more and more close to the (first eight)," Bryant said. The lakers are currently eighth behind the west rocket two games. In the rocket earlier lose the game, the lakers today fully seize the opportunity, they remember the hit and three points, including kobe Bryant and m Banks were hit 4 remember three points. The lakers will have the eagle, if can beat the eagle, they will since last December 29, after losing the first time to reach fifty percent. The recent five games, the lakers have won four games, but Nash think this is just a start. "We have more time together play, this help us began to turn the tide, we are gradually improve," scored 10 points and seven assists Nash said, "our progress spent a lot of long time, but it is just a beginning, we still need to continue to progress." Anyway, the lakers recently gradually back on the right track, especially kobe Bryant, opens the attack mode, the last four games playground averaging 35 Kobe 8 Christmas For Sale points. In today's competition, he showed excellent physical condition, the three violence Slam Dunk. Game just a minute, he let staples into boiling.He was in the bottom line step to get past Derek - Williams, then separated by 2 meters of 11's family's violence), dunk, caused American reporter praised the pharaoh still child. But Bryant said after the game, the game start stage Slam Dunk show has been very difficult.
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