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June 6 - Zone 4- In the Garden

Posted Jun 07 2010 6:14pm
Yea! I got the garden planted. I have a series of rock-sided raised beds throughout the garden. In the last few years I have been adding a raised bed or two. The beds look neat planted or unplanted. I rotate what I grow in them. This year I have tomatoes planted in the back. Winter squash and zucchinis in the side beds. And I dug out a little flower bed and planted cucumbers. I made a new bed in the front where in the past I grew roses. I added lots of organic matter and in this bed I have eggplants and miniature banana and green peppers. Do you know I still have one spaghetti squash that I harvested last October. I have a cool little room in the basement where produce keeps well. In 2 Earth boxes I have beets, carrots and green beans. Pole beans grow on a bit of fence and basil and herbs are tucked here and there. And of yes, I have a small row of Yukon Gold Potatoes and Ted built a potato bin where I am growing Red Kennebec Potatoes. Name this flower:

Poppy! I am loving this new camera. Who knew the pollen was purple. A camera stops time.

My garden is about ready for the Garden Tour on June 26th. The quilters will have quilts on display and each garden will have a local artist with some of their works on display. Should be interesting. I have just a bit of house painting to do (trim) and my daily early morning “weed patrol”. I love to quietly walk about the garden early in the morning when most of the world is sleeping. Sometimes, I so look forward to going to sleep so that I can awaken to my early morning walk. But, come the hot sun and heat of the day and I am in the house! Good thing, since I work from home and work must be done. Enjoy your week.
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