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Identifying a palm tree

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:04pm
Apart from the (Macarthur palms) , we have a couple of palms that are apparently somewhat uncommon, and I'm trying to identify them. They've grown to about 6-8 metres, and are in a clump like the Macarthur palm, though they don't bend outwards in the same way.
identify yellow palm malaysia

The closest I can find is , but even there the trunk is not yellow enough .
identify yellow palm malaysia

I also got some photos of the flowers, which attract bees
palm flower bee
palm flower bee

and the fruit which is a deep purple
identify yellow palm fruit malaysia

Does anyone have any idea of what it is? Any help is welcome!
Thanks to the commenter anthrome below, and to the helpful people at Palm Talk, our palm tree is confirmed as a aka Acai , apparently the palm hearts and berries are edible too! Gonna have to try that some time.

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