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How to Protect Broad Beans from Wind

Posted May 08 2010 1:35am

Broad beans are getting blown about in this windy weather & need protection to stop them being knocked down.  Beans will grow tall if they are on fertile soil and tend to blow over in heavy rain or wind.


When the broadbean plant blows over it ‘lodges’ with other broad bean plants and stays close to the soil.  Some of the leaves will be hidden from bright light so the broad bean pods will not be fed so well which means that they will not grow and fill with good sized broad beans.

To protect broad beans from the wind:


broad beans protected by polythene

  • a windbreak can be put up around them to stop the wind from blowing the beans over.  This is particularly effective when the beans are young and still quite short.  Any barrier from the wind will do, even mesh fencing helps.


  • staking the beans, either individually, or as a group, will help to hold them up.

The beans in the picture lodged at a late stage in their growing period, so will provide a decent harvest.  But if the lodging had happened at flowering time, the broad bean pods would not have filled properly.


It is well worth taking the time to protect broad beans from the wind.

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