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How to Plant Brassica Seeds

Posted Jul 18 2010 9:31am

Seeds for leafy Brassicas are usually sown into a small patch known as a plant bed, and when the seedlings are strong enough, they are transplanted into their final position.  So growing leafy brassicas is a two stage process:

  1. raising the young plants from seeds in a bed
  2. transplanting the young plants, from their bed, out into their final growing position

Sometimes gardeners miss out the first stage and buy the young plants in.

Leafy brassicas include brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower & brocolli. Root brassicas, such as turnips and swedes, are not transplanted.  The seeds of root brassicas are usually sown on the site they will grow for their lifetime.

preparing-to-plant-seeds preparing-to-plant-seeds


  • It is most important to prepare a seed bed to give the best growing conditions for the seeds. 
  • Place markers in position at either end of the row, using a tape measure to give the correct row width.
  • Gently firm the soil down.
  • Use a walk-board, which is not resting on the soil, but supported at either end of the bed. Line the board up with the row markers.
  • Draw a seeding groove with a spade. Use the walking board to produce a straight line, & work carefully to get the correct depth.
making-seed-row making-seed-row 
creating-seed-row creating-seed-row 

Sowing Vegetable Seed

    * *only place a few seeds in the hand
    * *pinch a few seeds between finger and thumb and work them out
    * *try to get them dropping singly, not in a bunch
    * *take plenty of time, as it is worth the result
    * *make a mark in the row, before taking another pinch of seeds from the hand, as you loose sight of the last seed
    * *avoid sowing doubles

seed line seed line 

*Cover the seed with fine soil. Then put a few small cobbly bits on top & gently firm in. These lumps help to keep the soil open and prevent capping

*Water  the vegetable seeds in.

 Planting brassica seeds carefully will allow them to develop into good, strong plants.

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