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How to Pick Strawberries

Posted Jul 30 2010 11:50am

Picking strawberries is an art, if the strawberries are to remain bright and unbruised.



The aim is to :

  • break the strawberry stalk without actually touching the berry
  • end up with a stalk about 1 cm long attached to the strawberry
  • not squeeze the strawberry at all


The method of picking strawberries:

  • surround the strawberry with your hand, and with the fore-finger & thumb nail pinch the stalk about 1cm from where it is attached to the strawberry
  • twist the stalk so that it breaks off
  • let the strawberry roll into the cup of your hand so it rests gently in the palm
  • carefully place the strawberry in a bowl
  • do not overfill the container or the berries at the bottom will get squashed


Strawberries are very tender & bruise  easily.  Once bruised they will start to deteriorate and rot .  Bruised strawberries loose their bright appearance and the colour darkens.

The strawberry must not be held in the fingers and pulled off the strawberry bush, because the pressure of the fingers on the berry will bruise it.  It is important to pick strawberries with the hull intact by breaking the stalk!

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