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How to Avoid Leek Rust next year

Posted Oct 03 2010 12:39pm

Eliza has experienced leek rust for the first time & has asked TopVeg how this can be avoided next year.

For the first year ever, our leeks have rust disease.  Have you any advise for the prevention of this disease for next season?  Also is it OK to eat the parts of the leeks that aren’t affected by the rust, i.e. the white part?
Would appreciate your comments



TopVeg answered:

We are sorry to hear about your rust problems on leeks.  How bad is it?  Mild symptoms do not render the crop inedible – we just cut the affected leaves off before cooking.  The white bit will be fine.
There are several rust resistant leek varieties, such as Bandit. 



Causes of leek rust are:

  • * crowded plants
    * high humidity
    * excessive soil nitrogen
    * insufficient soil potassium
    * poor garden hygiene – all plant debris must be removed from the beds so that the fungus has nowhere to hide.  Burn effected leaves rather than putting them on the compost heap, just in case the heap does not heat up enough to destroy the spores.
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