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Green Post

Posted May 28 2009 12:19am

The photo is from the other day. My struggling Brunnera Jack Frost with the one big leaf glowing with the light passing through it. If the Flash is on the Faint white you can see on the leaf stands out more.
I think this is a woods type plant that loves damp, cool, shady place. It needs a garden to grow in. At the moment it is growing in a pot covered with wood chippings. I bought it from the Tatton Park floral marquee a few months ago.
It keeps growing new leaves, but then the older ones get crinkly and die.
Vanillalotus wrote a post that mentioned her local Freecycycle group. She was going to pick up some African Violets that needed rehousing in the San Antonio area.
She then responded to my comment and said there was a Wakefield Freecycle group. I signed up, got a welcome email ever, and am now on it.
Its a grass roots group that recycles unwanted house hold stuff. Instead of being put into a landfill it is offered on the local area group as Offered. Like washing machines, sofas, pianos, or in Vanillalotus's group African violets! You can also put wanted notices, as long as they are within reason. Local Volunteers moderate the groups too.
The link for the main page is here:
I do not have any Saintpaulia at the moment.They are on my wishlist now.Last year I was trying to grow new plants from leaf cuttings. I managed to get mine to flower for 9 months of the year!
Freecycle is another example of the small things we can do to help the environment. If I had a garden it would have a compost heap. I dont use any chemicals, and try to practise natural techniques using nature as a weopen against pests and bugs.
Recycling stuff and preventing it becoming landfill will help the natural world. It is a green post, green Brunnera leaf, and green group!
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