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Germination Time for Seeds

Posted Mar 28 2009 3:02pm

Seeds require water and certain temperatures to grow. Different seeds require different temperatures. Some even need a period of extreme cold (vernalisation) before they will germinate.

The time the seed takes to sprout (the germination time) varies with the season, which effects the soil temperature. In an early, warm spring, the soil will warm up faster than in a cold, late season.

It is therefore difficult to predict how long it will take for seeds to emerge. But, as a rough guide, vegetable seedlings will emerge within this number of days in the right conditions:

Aubegine  10-12

Beans (runner & french) 7-10

Beetroot 10-14

Broad beans 10-14

Broccoli 6-10

Brussels Sprouts 6-10

Cabbage 6-10

Carrots 10-21

Cauliflower 6-10

Celery  10-14

Courgette 5-8

Cucumber  7-10

Eggplant  10-12

Endive  10-14

Kale  5-10

Kohlrabi  5-10

Leeks 10-14

Lettuce 6-10

Marrow 6-10

Melon  5-10

Mustard Greens  5-10

Onions 10-14

Onions (Spring) 10-14

Parsnip 21-28

Peas 7-10

Pepper  10-14

Pumpkin 6-10

Radish 5-8

Spinach 14-21

Squash 6-10

Swedes 6-10

Sweet Corn 6-10

Swiss Chard  7-14

Tomato 10-14

Turnips 6-10

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