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Posted Jan 22 2009 6:28pm

A new book I'm reading THE PILATES PROMISE by Alycea Ungaro, says that weeding engages the entire torso, including the obliques and is more effective than a typical crunch which targets only the upper-ab muscle rectus abdominis. I hate crunches but I don't mind weeding ! .

In addition, gardening is a potent calorie burner, blasting away 160 calories in just 30 minutes. To triple your tummy toning keep midsection muscles engaged while doing yard work with this Pilates technique : As you water plants, draw your belly button in toward the spine, then keep the muscles taut as you work. " This move tightens the abdominal muscles to lengthen the torso and narrow the waist, " says Ungaro. " And maintaining the posture for five-minute intervals will train your muscles to stay contracted for improved posture and balance. "

So lose those garden wheely things and reach, reach, reach for the weeds !

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