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Early Spring Planting

Posted by Teresa J.

We're rounding the corner toward the last days of winter. What does that mean? That means spring is on the way! I decided to look for some information about what to do to get ready and found some helpful tips:

1. Rake the lawn of all that debris that's been gathering since last fall.

2. Re-seed any bare parts.

3. Take off any protective burlap you had on your trees and shrubs.

4. Transplant any shrubs you'd like to move BEFORE they get leaves.

5. Use organic pest control, if necessary to rid your garden of any pests.

6. Cut back dead stuff.

7. Don't dig too soon. It needs to be fairly dry first.

8. Get weeding. Weeds don't wait!

9. Do your edging.

Some of you might appreciate knowing what to do early. Being cooped up all winter has been tough!

For details:

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