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Drip Irrigation on Potatoes

Posted May 12 2009 3:08pm 1 Comment

Drip irrigation has several advantages when used on potatoes:

  • saves water
  • waters more evenly
  • waters more gently

The drip irrigation pipe can  run either  on the soil surface or in the soil.  In the photo below the drip irrigation pipe is on top of the potato ridge, so that it will be under the leaf canopy.  Loss of moisture from evaporation will therefore be reduced.



The next picture shows the hole in the pipe from which the water continually drips.



Drip irrigation on potatoes is an efficient way of watering potatoes and a good way to increase yield.

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It is a useful information about drip irrigation. I am a farmer and we have very large fields, before drip
irrigation system was found it was a nightmare to irrigate all those fields because where i live is a place
that does not rain so much. Now we use drip irrigation, saving so many water and it is a lot easier to irrigate
the field with that. I am trying to read everything about drip irrigation and i recommend every farmer to use that
technique, so i am grateful for everyone who gives information about it. I also found a very good guide about drip
irrigation and it may be useful too for those who want to learn more information about that;
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