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Dahlias or Daybeds?

Posted Sep 08 2010 12:24pm

With frost fast approaching, the dahlias haven't much time left. So I'm enjoying them while I can. These pink ones are 'Excentric', which I ordered from Swan Island Dahlias this spring.

Swan Island has an excellent selection and good prices, and if I ever decide to try dahlias again I'll definitely order from them. If you live in a climate with a longer growing season then Spokane and you like dahlias, you should check them out (by the way, no one pays me to say anything on this blog).

This vibrant dahlia is in the same flower bed as all the similarly-colored petunias (in the background) along the flagstone path. It's pretty and cheerful around there.

This 'Giggles' dahlia is in the front yard. Anyone who has read me ranting about how I hate construction-barrel-orange will laugh when I say that I love the color. But the hints of pink and the different shades of orange are so intriguing. I always stare at them when I walk by.

And now we come to the reason for the title of this post. The bumblebees think these dahlias make perfect beds! I've seen half a dozen bumblebees lounging at once on these dahlia flowers.

When I walked by the other day, a bumblebee was sitting on a dahlia and lazily waving her leg at me. I had to chuckle at that. Was she thanking me for planting her favorite flowers?

The bumblebees are crazy-busy on the nearby catmint. Maybe they tire themselves out so much that they have to rest on the conveniently located dahlias. Whatever the reason, it has been very amusing to see them all lying about.

Speaking of crazy-busy, I've been neglecting to answer comments lately. We are expecting our fourth baby in the spring, so we took advantage of Labor Day sales to buy bunk beds and other furniture for when we have to make room for one more. Somehow we also decided to redecorate the family room and my bedroom, too. So all my creative energy has been directed at furniture and fabric and paint instead of toward the garden or this blog. But school finally started today for the older two (hooray!), so I should have more time to spend here. Except that I've got several hundred bulbs to plant soon . . . well, we'll see.
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