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Cooking Vales Emerald Potatoes

Posted Jul 25 2010 5:56am

Cooking Vales Emerald potatoes by boiling has become disappointing.

The Vales Emerald grown in the garden cooked well when they were small and new.  They remained firm and bright when boiled. 

Vales Emerald are a cross between Maris Peer and Charlotte.  Charlotte scores 4 on the waxy / floury scale , staying  firm when cooked, making it an excellent salad potato.  Charlotte  can also be very successfully sauted and even roasted in its skin for a firm ‘roast’ potato.  So it seems that Vales Emerald inherits the cooking qualites of Charlotte when young.

However, as the Vales Emerald grow older & bigger, these cooking qualities seem to disappear, and the potatoes break up when boiled, almost getting lost in the cooking water.

Has anyone else had problems cooking Vales Emerald potatoes?

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