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Compost in a pot?

Posted by Heather F.

Hi -

Has anyone else had this problem? I have a small-ish pot in my office and plants have been dying off rather regularly. I tried something that might need less light (ferns, brunnera) and in planting them, found out that the bottom of the pot is getting very very warm. I think I've created a small compost pile!

The set up includes a plastic pot with a drain hole, a mix of potting soil, and a plant light about 3' above the pot.

What do you think?

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I did some research and found a few things:

-ferns prefer a cool temperature and a high level of moisture in the air (humidity)

-Nighttime temperatures for ferns should be on the cool side, preferably below 60°F. Daytime temperatures should not be above 72° and preferably cooler

-When you grow ferns in decorative tubs, ceramic or cache pots without drainage holes, put an inch of gravel in the bottom of the container.A better approach is to plant the fern in a clay pot and set inside the decorative container. Then put sphagnum moss in the space between the two containers. Keep the moss moist. This helps increase humidity and prevents rapid drying of the soil.

-During winter when your heat is on, many ferns need misting

-Start small ferns in small pots. Shift them to the next size pots as they become crowded

-To know when to water ferns and all other plants, you must develop a sense of feel of the soil. This is the only way to determine when to water

-ferns need grooming

I hope this helps and some fern and other indoor plants experts come along with personal experience and advice for you!

Happy growing!

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