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Cabbage White Butterfly in the Vegetable Garden

Posted Feb 23 2009 9:30pm

Prevention and control of the Cabbage White Butterfly is a concern of
all vegetable gardeners. The first Cabbage White Butterfly of the year
was spotted in the vegetable garden today.

There are two types of cabbage white:

* the Large White butterfly - Pieris brassicae
* the Small White butterfly - Pieris rapae.

The cabbage white butterflies lay clusters of yellow eggs



on the leaves of brassicas (e.g. cabbage, sprouts, cauliflowers, turnips
and swedes).

The eggs hatch out into green caterpillars, which eat the leaves so that
large holes are seen. They also tunnel into the hearts of the
vegetables, spoiling them and causing them to rot. The caterpillars
excrete small brown or green granular deposits as they eat the leaves.

* inspect daily & remove any eggs & caterpillars
* cover brassicas with insect proof netting
* avoid planting colourful plants near the brassicas which will
attract butterflies
* encourage birds which will eat the caterpillars by putting out
bird feed
* wash infected plants with soapy water

The Cabbage White Butterfly requires constant attention , with daily
checks to make sure the vegetables are not being eaten by the cabbage
white caterpillars.

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