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Posted Oct 17 2010 12:30pm

The term Broccoli is a bit of a minefield and misunderstanding often occurs because supermarkets, seedsman and farmers use different names for the same thing.

Broccoli is Italian for little branches

  • Calabrese is the type of broccoli which has  the little branches as one large head.

This is sold in the supermarkets as broccoli but is known as Calabrese to the seedsmen



 Calabrese originally came from Calabria in Southern Italy.

  • Sprouting broccoli has lots of shoots instead of one big flower. 

If you ask a seedsman for broccoli he will probably give you sprouting broccoli, which is sold in supermarkets as purple (or white) sprouting broccoli. 

spear sprouting broccoli

spear sprouting broccoli

 Sprouting broccoli has a very short season in early spring.

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