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border bombarded today by golf b ...

Posted May 28 2009 12:20am 1 Comment

border bombarded today by golf balls...  Posted by Picasa
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Online Custom Fit Golf Clubs - The Next Generation

Every golfer is unique in terms of their physical attributes and swing type. The historically high costs of purchasing a set of custom fitting golf clubs has until now prohibited the normal player from improving their game.

The traditional process of custom fitting has involved tailoring a golf club to match an individual swing type - ensuring the club is square at impact to produce a long, straight shot. The entire process of custom fitting from sizing to building can take up to three weeks before a player can reap the benefits of custom club fitting. The cost of a standard custom fitting process can also be prohibitive - not only are you paying for the time of a professional golfer and club builder, the actual components of the club - unless purchased direct from the manufacturer in sizeable quantities can also inflate the final cost.

Until now the entire custom fitting process was manually intensive. The Internet has allowed manufacturers like Forgan of St. Andrews to provide an online custom fit golf clubs. As the world’s oldest manufacturer of golf equipment - it seems fitting that its latest innovation is set to revolutionise the custom fit market in the 21st century.

Forgan has leveraged its expertise and knowledge of golf clubs manufacturing in developing a streamlined custom fit process - available from its websites - and

To custom fit golf clubs you need to know the following attributes: Gender, Right or Left-Handed, Height, Wrist to Floor measurement, Swing Speed and Glove Size. A complex formula is used to calculate the appropriate shaft length, including the player’s height and wrist-to-floor measurements. A tall player with long arms can for example require shorter golf clubs than an average height person with short arms. Swing speed and gender are combined to determine the custom golf clubs shaft flex, whilst glove size determines the type of grip most suitable for the player. Professional golf club engineers then build the golf clubs to the precise specifications required for true custom fit golf clubs.

There are different methods of custom fitting available on the market - usually dictated by the golf manufacturer in question, ultimately all manufacturers including Forgan of St. Andrews are trying to improve your game.

Custom fitting won’t cure all your miss-shots - coaching is certainly recommended for ironing out problems with your swing and address. If you do however make a good swing, a custom fit golf clubs will arrive correctly at impact and will produce a straight shot on target - that alone will save you shots during a round.

The for mentioned manufacturer of custom golf clubs in this article - Forgan of St. Andrews was established in 1860; today, golf clubs from that time are still some of the most collectable in existence. Today’s custom fit components from Forgan are produced from the highest quality materials - featuring the latest technology and innovation - synonymous with the brand. Since its launch the manufacturer has secured the services of international legend Ian Woosnam and European Tour champion David J Russell (‘DJ’). The endorsement of such players can only reinforce the manufacturer’s intention to produce the finest golf clubs, custom fitted to the players exacting standards.
Forgan Golf - Established in 1860

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Forgan Golf - Custom fit golf clubs from the world's oldest golf manufacturer. Online custom fit wizard will fit your clubs in six easy steps. Endorsed by Ian Woosnam

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