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Bluebirds and More Bluebirds

Posted May 24 2010 2:43pm

I was quite excited a few weeks ago when I checked my bluebird house at night with a flashlight and saw through the entrance some blue feathers.  So the next day I opened it and there were 5 tiny, perfect light blue eggs.  I'd put up this house last year but the house sparrows got to it first.  I attached clear fishing lines to it (said to deter house sparrows) but I think it was too late as they'd already gotten interested in the house.  But so far, this season, everything is going fine.  I only hope all doesn't end in tragedy with baby bluebirds pecked to death by sparrows.  That happened many years ago and so I had stopped trying to make a home for bluebirds.  But maybe this year I (and the bluebirds) will finally get lucky.  I sure hope so.  No sign of house sparrows around the box at all.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

Today I opened the house and saw the newly-hatched chicks.

Blbird7x8parents118 Justhatched5x8 blbdchicks133



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