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Bird Feeder, Squirrels & Soy Butter-DoubleDelight Rose with Husker Penstemon

Posted Mar 31 2010 6:45pm

I have a clever bird feeder. When a little bird lands on the perch he can easily reach in and grab a seed. If a squirrel tries to get on the perch, his heavy weight shuts the little opening. But, eventually the squirrels have resorted to taking the top off the feeder and biting down the plastic in an attempt to reach the seeds. The squirrels scuttle up the pole to the feeder. I suggested to my husband that I might grease the pole with Vaseline. But, he quickly pointed out that their licking off the Vaseline from their little paws would probably not be nice. I then remembered some soy butter that I bought thinking it would work as an alternative to my beloved peanut butter. I do not find soy butter yummy, but the squirrels love it.

squirrel licking soybutter

I feed the birds sunflower seeds. The bowl was made with some left over cement and a plastic bowl. I greased the bowl, shaped the cement and put a pipe in it to make a drain hole. I use the bowl to catch the seeds the birds drop. Since I soy-buttered the bowl the squirrels have been staying on the ground, eating what falls from the feeder.

One licking one walking Squirrel

Spring is just beginning in my garden. Last week I posted about WOW. Today I applied the corn gluten in the front yard. The daffodils are almost opening.  Next Saturday is the local Home Show. We will be having some presentations by Master Gardeners and others. I will be doing a Powerpoint on Natural Tips on Growing Roses. And I also will have a Powerpoint on Natural Deer Resistance.

double delight and corn husker red penstemon

I just had to put a colorful picture in this post. The above 2 pictures still have the grayness of winter. The Husker Penstemon has reddish leaves. The Double Delight Rose is beautiful and fragrant.

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