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Benefits of Composting for a Garden

Posted Mar 02 2012 6:55am

While maintaining your own fruit and vegetable garden is a rewarding undertaking, it can get expensive at times purchasing all the different products and going through all the different steps required to help your garden thrive. Composting, however, has an array of benefits that will all contribute to helping your garden flourish. Here are some of the many benefits of composting:

  1. Composting helps you cut back on costs associated with maintaining a garden. Spending money on fertilizers and soil conditioners can get expensive, and it can get expensive fast. Composting will do the same thing as its pricey counterparts and since you’re using leftover scraps from your everyday life it’s essentially free! The quality of the soil directly relates to the quality of your garden, and composting will help vastly improve both of these.
  1. Composting will help the soil retain water so you can water your garden less often. Watering less will help you save money without compromising (and actually improving) the quality of your garden. It’s a win-win situation all around. And since you are using organic matter there is less water contamination that your plants will have to fight off.
  1. Composting is an organic process, so your garden incurs fewer chemicals. Anytime you can approach something naturally it’s going to be better, and composting is a completely natural process. Eliminating chemicals from your garden will not only help it, it will also help the environment. In addition, it can also help repair soil that has been damaged over time.
  1. Composting provides your fruits and vegetables with essential nutrients. By using composting to fertilize your soil you are providing your fruits and vegetables with essential micro- and macro-nutrients that they would be otherwise deprived of receiving. These nutrients are released at a steady pace that helps your plants benefit because they are able to take in much more of them.
  1. Composting provides your plants with a stable environment. Using compost helps to fend off pesky weeds that seem to pop up out of nowhere and encourages your plants to grow strong and healthy. It can be difficult to properly provide your plants with the amount of fertilizer, water, and nutrients, and composting helps strike a natural balance between these things.

Composting is an easy way to help improve your garden and will offer you and your garden only advantages. You’ll spend less and at the same time have a healthier, fuller garden. Not to mention it’s incredibly easy to do so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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